Two transferability workshops in the Czech Republic

The Association of Social Services Providers Czech Republic organized two transferability workshops within the UNIC project in March 2022. The first workshop was opened with introductory speech by deputy minister of Labour and Social Affairs – Ms Olga Richterova. During the workshops two project outcomes were presented: “Models of Good Practice Report on Person Budget” and “European Roadmap for user-centred funding for long-term care and support”. Nevertheless, the crucial part of the workshops was to open discussion about implementing the model of personal budget (or some of its certain parts) in the Czech Republic. This discussion will continue with representatives of social service users at the third workshop in June 2022. This discussion will be based on the idea that the people who need Long Term Care and Support could be divided into 2 groups. The reason for such division is the difference of their needs – the needs of young people with disabilities change more significantly than needs of older adults in time – that is a fact. These two groups could use different systems: people with disabilities – personal budget; older adults – care allowance. This idea was presented at workshops by Dr Jiri Horecky, president of the Association of Social Services Providers Czech Republic.