What will the UNIC project do?

It will develop tools to help service users, service providers and public authorities to implement a user-centred funding model in long-term care and support.

Target groups


Persons with care and support needs, their families, caregivers and friends.

Long-term care service providers and staff.

Public authorities.

Impact of the project


This project will help persons who recieve long term care and support to actively participate in organising their own support. They will be able to do this based on their will, preferences and individual needs. This will lead to improvements in

  • their general health & well-being,
  • personal dignity,
  • control of their lives
  • and the freedom of making choices.

Service providers will have to adapt and personalize their services to meet the individual needs of service users and public authorities will implement a radical funding model which will respond to the evolving needs and challenges in long-term care and support.



Setting the framework

Report on models of promising practices in user-centred funding models

Roadmap with guidelines to overcome the Long-term care and support challenges

UNIC Toolbox

Tool monitoring the quality of services

Tool supporting support services to provide person-centred services using a user-centred funding model

Tool helping public authorities to develop a user-centred funding model

Test and validate the UNIC toolbox

The UNIC toolbox will be tested for 12 months in Flanders, Belgium

Transfer the UNIC toolbox in other countries and services

Report with guidelines to support the transferability of the toolbox in other countries and services

Implement Transferability Workshops in Spain, Czech Republic, Finland and Austria

Action plans supporting future deployment of the toolbox in other countries

Study with recommendations for policy planning and EU funding opportunities



UNIC will run for 36 months: October 2020 – September 2023


UNIC - Intro video ENGLISH

UNIC - Intro video GERMAN

UNIC - Intro video DUTCH


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